Sunday, March 9, 2014

Chirp Chirp Chirp anyone!!!

Chickens Galour!!
Hey gang..long time no see eh?? Just a quick post to show you some cards I made for a secret santa swap. The girl I chose has 4 chickens and I thought I would make her some generic cards she can give away. Unfortunately I did not receive my gift in return. I guess it's a chance i took, this was the first time that I did not get something in return after participating several times over the last few years..This was a craft only swap. I also sent her a handmade scarf, and a beautiful bracelet with well as these cards..Let's have a look shall we..

I must say it was a challenge to find little chick images as well as how to colour them. All of these were freebies at one time or another. Funny I did receive a thank you for the lovely gift and how much she liked the cards but sadly she did not send through her end...But I always think positive and only hope it got lost in the mail. Not very likely but I can always hope..
Thank you so much for dropping by and hope to see you again soon.
(my house is torn up with reno's and I can't find a thing...)