Saturday, December 12, 2015

Paper Garden Challenge!!

Paper Garden Holiday Cards 2015!!

Hey all, i hope all is well for you and yours. I've been crazy busy
making Christmas Cards and i'm still so far behind..ha ha
I  just don't understand how i make cards all year round and still have
trouble getting all the Christmas Cards done on time.

Let's show you the card i put together for
 Paper Gardens Challenge this yr.
You have a chance to vote this card as your favorite here:

This image may be familiar with you all as she is a character in my
Daughters newest book A Very Fairy Door. Soon to be released.
We can't wait to show you the final book with Fairy door..
It's a very proud moment for daughter is one extremely talented girl.
I guess i could take a bit of credit for that RIGHT?

Let's have a look!!

I colored this one with my trusty promarkers and added a
bucket load of wink of stella for the much needed glitter on this fairy.
Very simple embellishments as per my style. A couple die cut stars,
 and some burlap to add some texture.
The purple background paper is from Paper Garden and it shimmers
like crazy..LOVE it!! I really hope you like this sweetie and i hope you
can take a second from your day to throw a vote my way..but really
 if you see a card you like better by all means vote for that one..
And even one better get your card made and enter yourself.
.Best of luck to everyone!!!

Challenges i'm entering are:

Friday, December 4, 2015

Christmas Cards in full swing!!

Christmas Cards!!

How many do you have to send out this yr..i'm up to about 30 but i'm trying to cut that number down. How do you all have time to create so many. There never seems to be enough time in a day..
However i did get this one done and have a video tutorial if you would like to see how i colored her up..Real time so you get a real close and personal experience..if you can stand the boredom..ha ha
I think i nodded off once or twice while editing..i'm either wayyyy to tired or i have an issue with listening to myself..
Anyway, enough about me..lets get to my project!

Ok, this one was colored with promarkers all the way. I tried a new color combo for the hair and fussed a bit too much but finally got it looking passable. Added just a few elements to frame her and that's it. Sweet and simple, my kind of card. Youtube tutorial here:

I hope you all like, and i would like to enter into these challenges!

Sunday, October 25, 2015



Whew i did my very first periscope today. I have a lot to learn but i hope to be able to bring you all some fun and inspiring content your way. Live coloring which you can watch but also comment..and i can answer live..right there..How awesome is that. Mobile devices are set up to use periscope for interaction however if you are watching from a desktop you can't comment live. I use my iPad and have bummed my son's Samsung phone to tape if i can figure out how to get it over my space. I'm learning so please be kind and i hope to do better in the future. If you have the periscope app you can follow me..kimbob27brown is my user name so you can find me. 

Any time we broadcast and if you are a follower of mine you get a notice when i stream live. You can watch the reply for 24 hours after broadcast. Soon periscope will have a feature to fast forward on the replays if you just want the highlights. 

Tap the screen above the little peri man and you have the ability to give hearts to the one broadcasting to show some love!! It's fun, join in!!!

Now for a new card I've done recently to give you something to look at...
THANK YOU ALL for supporting our A Very Fairy Door
Our Web site will be up and running soon to sign up for a newsletter and to pre-order your book with doors..I hope you all visit in the near future..

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A Very Fairy Door PLUS a Special Deal!!

A Very Fairy Door

Hey everyone i'm sure you know that i've been crazy busy promoting my daughters new book that comes with a super cute fairy door that i designed. 
There is only 3 DAYS left and we need your help!
We have added a new reward level that will get you two digital stamps 
of your choice of the eight fairy's we have. For 6.00 dollars Canadian..that's about how much you would pay for a specialty drink. And if you live anywhere else but Canada..your getting a even better deal. The full set is only 25.00 Canadian..again a great deal for 8 digital stamps. These will NEVER be sold again, it's a one time deal. Krista Smith will NEVER have them in her store. 

This is more than just a book with a door, it has come from our hearts. It was a saving grace when my daughter was going through her surgery's and complications from having cervical cancer. Having happiness in her life again meant the world to me. She got up each day excited about this book, and the magic it brings children. As you may know she currently works at CHEO a children;s hospital in Ottawa and we want to give back. Get those ill children in a happy place. Create some wonder, excitement, joy in their lives as well. Here is a coloring tutorial that i did with one of the digital stamps..How can you pass these sweeties up..THANK YOU for those who have pledged already and to those who can pledge in the next few days. 
Here is the link to PRE-ORDER the book with door
or to purchase Digital Stamps!!

I hope you enjoyed that video and below are some of the other cards i was able to find time to make. 
I'm hoping to get the other one in the next day or two..I will post on our facebook page so come have a look. Get all the news, and enter our giveaway.. A Very Fairy Door

Thursday, September 24, 2015


Check it out!!! 
Means the world to me if you can support and make some dreams come true!!

Thank you all so much..i feel the love!!
Pre-order your book and door, or Digital Stamps..
Be one of the first people to get the first print of this book..
You are able to support the project for as little as 1 dollar.
Any help will be so appreciated..

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

A Very Fairy Door, Digital Stamps!!

A Very Fairy Door!!

EXCLUSIVE stamps only available on our Kickstarter Campaign!!

Well that about says it all..we have 8 super sweet, adorable, cute, fabulous fairy images that come right from our book that you are able to pre-order through Kickstarter.
What is kickstarter you ask??? This is a group funding site that helps the little guy (that's us) fund their projects. No money changes hands unless we reach our goal. Yes it's a hefty goal but to get the book in print, manufacture the door and package it all, it will cost a substantial amount and would take us years to get it to the customer if we didn't go through kickstarter. No charges to your credit card unless we meet the goal by Oct 3, 2015. I just know with the support we have received so far we will get there. We have many reward levels and any one of them that you may be able to purchase would be amazing..It all adds up and you can keep up to date on all the news, the process and what's coming ahead through kickstarter. We will keep you all informed seeing as you are the ones that will make this happen for us. If we can pull it off it will be such a wonderful thing that will bring smiles to many childrens faces..That's what it's all about....

Let's take a look at one of the digital stamps/ coloring pages that i have colored.
 I have made thank you cards as a special shout out to all those who have supported us already and those who have shared our project though their networks..It's great to see people believing in our project. It's been a 2 yr process to get it to this point and to see confirmation that others like it as much as us means the world..

 Again these are only available on Kickstarter for 25.00 Canadian..that is a deal and if you live anywhere else your getting an even better deal as our Canadian dollar is crapola..The illustrator Krista Smith will not be selling them EVER in her if you fancy these cuties get them now.. Campaign ends in three weeks.
If you visit our FB page we have weekly giveaways for youth t-shirts which features all these characters. We also will have updates and all the top news that's been happening in A Very Fairy Door adventure. Thanks so much for dropping by and i hope you like this sweet fairy...

Sunday, September 6, 2015

BIG NEWS!!!! A Very Fairy Door!

A Very Fairy Door!!!

Oh my, have you heard..My daughter and i have created a wonderful thing. 
We are announcing our very first Book and Door that we hope to get on the shelves so very soon. 
A Very Fairy Door is what it is called and has been illustrated by none other that Krista Smith from Saturated Canary. We have a kickstarter campaign going right now for you all to pre-order your book or pick one of our other rewards such as prints of the Very Fairys, or a set of Digital stamps. These funds will help to get the Book and Door to you the customer as fast as we can for the best price available. Please take a moment to watch our video..3 generations..and share with your friends and if you can support us. We are just so excited to share with you all. It's been a long journey but so rewarding. Getting this in print will make our dreams come true..Many thanks for all your support and hope you enjoy A Very Fairy Door!!

 A Very Fairy thank you to Shannon from More Than Common who did such an amazing job on this video. It was way more than we expected and turned out perfect..

Visit our Facebook page for all the updates, giveaways and everything Very Fairy!!
Thanks for dropping by to celebrate our BIG NEWS!!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Newest Member of Whimsy Stamps Video DT!!

I'M IN!!

Wow i'm just so excited to be a part of a fabulous team. As you all know i seem to get more videos out than posts on my blog and thought this would be a perfect fit for me. I sure hope i do Whimsy Stamps justice. They have the most wonderful stamps and how can i not love all the fabulous Die Cuts they have. I do have a bit of a addiction to dies, i cannot lie..ha ha

I'll be joining a couple other gals that are just amazing at what they do. I'm a little out of my league but i hope to learn from them to add to my knowledge. You never stop learning in crafting. I love it all, how could you not! 

Here are the other two members:
You are just gonna love their style..i'm in love..

Jeanette at her lovely blog here:

Please join me and my fellow DT gals in a fabulous crafty journey with Whimsy Stamps!!
And make sure you join us at Whimsy Inspirations Blog for all the upcoming releases and creations done by all the DT girls..and please subscribe to Whimsy Stamp Videos you won't want to miss it!!

Thanks for dropping by and sharing my great news..See you all real soon!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Saturated Canary Coloring Contest!

Coloring Contest!!

Hey All, did you hear there is a coloring contest over at Saturated Canary!!
As you all know i just love her images. I think i have close to 175 of them..shhhhh don`t tell the hubby..ha ha. I just fell in love with this one and had to color her up. She is from a new set of Krista`s. 
60 and 70`s Fashion Decades
You can also find her 40 and 50`s as well as 80 and 90`s at her SHOP

Let`s  have a look at my project...

OK i colored this one up with my promarkers and for the hair i used copics. Now i did take a little liberty with the dress. I found a image online for the 60`s fashion and came across one that was similar to the look i was going for. So i added a little color to her dress. I`m thinking it was the late 60`s early 70`s as it`s a little on the hippy side. Now for my embellishments...OK it took me almost 1.5 hours for this..REALLY there is nothing there right???  I put stuff on, then off, then on again then i'm telling was torture i say. I ended up leaving it the simplest of simple as per my usual. I did color some material up in the colors of her dress just to tie all the colors together. I sure hope you like and go have a look at Kristas images..they are just so darn cute. 
WARNING!! Enter at your own risk, they may (no WILL) become addicting.

Link for Coloring Contest:

Other challenges i will enter are:

Thanks for dropping by...

Friday, June 19, 2015

My Entry into GDT for Saturated Canary!!

GDT for Saturated Canary!!

Hey all, thanks for dropping by, can you believe i`ve posted so many cards lately. My work schedule has changed which leaves me with a little extra time on my days of..Yippee more crafting time for me!! I just wanted to show you all a new image from Krista Smith of Saturated Canary. I just had to get this one and as my luck would have it she is having a GDT call using this image.
So let`s have a look!!

As you can see i colored this one in the beige and reds with a little yellow thrown in. I colored everything with my promarkers except her hair..i somehow seem to grab that combo for brown hair. I did add a bit of wink of stella to her lips, bracelets and the tags on the suitcase and some liquid accents to her glasses. I almost blobbed a big mess but was able to clean it up fast enough to not do any flew out of the bottle..I loved using my most favorite new color of twendy twine for this one as the colors matched perfectly and i was dying to use it. I wish i didn`t glue down my doily right there but there was no moving it once i put it down, i wanted it out just a tad more but it is what it is..ha ha

Thanks so much for dropping by and hope to chat soon..take care all

Monday, June 15, 2015

Oh how i love the Sea!!!


Hey all, thanks for dropping by. I just have to show you this amazing image from Make It Crafty. I did luck out and received this one as a freebie from Make It Crafty Facebook page..It sure does pay off to follow your favorites online.I have many of her images you should go check Make It Crafty out..i just love all their images..
Let's have a look! 

I colored this one with my promarkers for the most part but did her hair with copics. Did i tell you i just love the sea, ocean and all things fishy..ha ha. I even have a hand painted mural done by me in my bedroom wall of orca whales..they are just so beautiful. On to the card..i embellished this one more than usual but you guessed it i have a few things fish related in my stash. I even went nuts and used real glitter not the Wink of Stella kind but the real messy stuff. I wanted to add needed glitter to her tail which added shine and some dimension as well as texture..there's some crafty words if i ever heard them..ha ha..but it's true!! I had some burlap type material as well that added a nice background to the image for the earthy vibe i was going for..i think it worked...added a few gems, some charms and tags i had from my paper pack...funny i think i used papers from three different paper packs on this I usually stick to one as i know it will all match but sometimes you can get lucky..Thanks so much for coming by and i would love to enter a couple challenges with this one..

Inspiration Destination -anything goes 
The Crafter's Cafe -anything goes
Shopping our Stash - cute critter
Card Mania Challenge - metal embellishment

Have a fabulous Crafty Day!!


Graduation is here!!!

Hey all, been a while since i posted but never fear i`m always busy colouring, creating and making videos for all of you..Pocket Letters have taken a bit of my time as of lately but it`s all good. One day i won`t be working anymore and i can create all day long if i want to...ha ha

Well back to my post of graduation, here are a few i managed to remember to take photos of. I think i did over 10 this year. I wish i took a photo of the green and white one i did, i was quite proud of that one. But of course many of these cards were commissioned and for some reason always ask: can I get it done by tomorrow...whew, thankfully i had a day or two between cards, it was hard but i managed to get them all done. I don`t think people realize how much time goes into making these. I wish i could wave the magic wand and have them be easier to finish. I can`t even colour ahead as i like to match the recipients hair, eye colour and school colours if i can. Lots of red and white this year which makes for a pretty card. 
Well lets have a look..

Do you see a theme this year..All images are from Saturated 
adorable are these eh?? I did take liberty and add a stethoscope to one of the images but 
she became a doctor and i just couldn't resist adding that..sorry Krista...

They are all very similar and coloured with promarkers and a few copics. Didn't add too many embellishments as my usual style but i think all turned out cute. I did add a school logo here and there and added some gold papers to a couple too. In trend i think but thought it added a little sparkle to the cards..Wink of Stella was added to all the accenting colours. 
Many thanks for dropping by and having a look!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Tiddly Inks Pocket Letters!!!

Pocket Letters!!!

Yeah, i got more pocket letters to show you all. I have such fun decorating these little pockets. However i need some design skills bad. I also need more things to decorate with..
Shopping here i come..a perfect excuse RIGHT??

I coloured a couple Tiddly Ink images for these ones. Perfect images for a cute hello!
I couldn't resist colouring these up to be the focal point of my pocket letter.
Let's have a look...
p.s. sorry for the horrendous pictures but i've learned that having them in the plastic wrecks havoc with the camera's skills..ha ha

And another!!

I coloured the images with promarkers and just used die cuts, designer paper, a few embellishments like buttons, flowers and charms to create these 9 pockets. I included the backside of these to show you what items i put inside and of course i tried to match all my's a sickness i know. The only thing that had to be added to the bottom one is my tea..It has been done and is mailed out. I sure hope the recipient enjoys all the extra surprises i added. Do you think this would be nice to receive, Do you have any ideas what would be great to add to another pocket letter??? 
If you would like to join in on all the fun you can join FREE here:
And if you would like to swap with me you can find me under kimbob at the link above.

Challenges i would like to enter are: 

Thanks for dropping by...take care!!

Sunday, April 5, 2015



A wonderful thing...Have you all seen this concept yet. It was created by Jenette Lane.
Here is her description of what a pocket letter is:

It's a penpal letter in pocket format. Basically, you fill all the pockets of a 9 Pocket Trading Card Protector and send the whole page to someone who wants to swap with you. This can be a one-time exchange or you can keep exchanging Pocket Letters indefinitely. You fill the pockets with anything you like (stickers, tea bags, a note, washi tape samples, pictures, etc.) A short note or letter is included and tucked into one of the pockets. Then the Pocket Letter is folded up and sent in a standard 10 size envelope. It's the perfect way to send and collect letters from other Pocket Letter Pals (ie people who are sending mail in this format) around the world and a convenient way to store them. They fit perfectly in a binder! 

Isn't THAT amazingly fun!!!
I just had to start, i have so many ideas of what i want to send. However the process of creating 9 different pockets did take me some time and i hope over time i can become better at it and it won't be so daunting. 
I just had to add at least one coloured image from The Doodle Garden and that set the tone for colours i wanted to use and the vibe of my pocket letter. The sun is shining and i'm so ready for this winter to end that my theme has me thinking of beach, heat, summer..bring it on!!
Let's have a look

So i coloured this sweetie with promarkers and just went to town using all matching paper from one paper pack. Now i know what to do with all those 6x6 paper pads that have a array of patterns that i'm afraid of. All my white tags now have been marked with what i added to to back side for the recipient to use on her crafting projects..Just to give you an idea i added some washi tape, candy, tea, die cuts..that sort of thing. The BEST part of a swap like this is everyone is on the same playing field. We are all limited to what you can fit into the pocket. When i do a normal card swap i'm always hoping i meet the expectations of the extras that i send along. I would hate for someone to shower me with gifts and i don't give back as much as i receive. So this way we are all together for what we can fit inside. And to top it off it fits into a standard envelope and depending on how elaborate you decorate you can keep the postage reasonable. I hope you like and you can join for FREE to start your own swapping. I go by the name kimbob if you want to look me up and swap. Here is the link:

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Bring on the Sunshine!!!

Bring on the Sunshine!!

Well i just had to purchase this stunning image from Krista Smith of Saturated Canary. And of course i just had to try Ombre again, i think i was a little more successful this time around. On top of having a relaxing evening colouring Krista has set up a colouring competition and the winner will get a stamp made from his or her cool is THAT!! Well lets have a look!

Well i've coloured this one with promarkers for the most part except for the hair, i used my copics for that. I did add some wink of stella to the towel, earrings and eyes just to add some shimmer. And added a few brads to bring some interest to my card. As you can see it was a very simple design. I tried for over an hour to add embellishments to wow my card but of course my comfort zone is all in the minimal and clean. I just love how this style makes the image pop and after spending so much time colouring why wouldn't you want that image to be front and center. That's my story and i'm sticking to it..ha ha Thanks so much for dropping by and will see you all real soon.

Colouring Challenge!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

And Baby makes THREE!!

 And Baby Makes Three!!
 Hi everybody!!! Hope your day is filled with sunshine and crafting of
 course. I have another Make It Crafty image to show you today. I just
 love this collection of baby images. Mom and Dad expecting and
even a few humorous ones with the new baby.
Let's have a look!
 I did colour this one with my promarkers but did the girls hair with copics. Again a very simple design, with a hint of bling and one heaven sent embellishment.
I hope you go have a look at this collection at Make It Crafty i'm sure you won't be able to resist these fabulous images. I have a few others on my wish list.
Thanks for dropping by and i'll be entering this card in the Make It Crafty DT call.
Wish me luck!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Game On Boys!

Hey gang i'm glad you dropped in to see this fabulous image from Make It Crafty
If your a youtube subscriber you may have seen me colour this image. I'm just getting around to posting my card here for you all to see. As you know I love the images from Make it Crafty and I always have a long wish list for when I gather enough pennies to add more to my collection.
 I coloured this one up with my promarkers and added very little embellishments. I always keep it simple! As well as you can see I did use a die cut circle and have the feet hanging out..super fun and easy to do. If you would like to see the real time video of me colouring here is the link..
Thank you so much for dropping by and have a fabulous crafty day!!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Kennykstamp RELEASE!!

Kennykstamp Release
Hey everyone, I'm glad you stopped by. I have a couple images I want to show you today. They are the brand new Clear Stamp Release from Kennyk.
They are awesome to work with and super easy and fun to colour.
I even managed to do two videos showcasing these stamps.
You can view all the new release stamps HERE!
Let's have a look!!
I coloured this one with promarkers and the pinks are copics. Super simple card design, as always. You can find the colouring tutorial here:
And for my second card I used a little paper piecing for this one.
Let's have a look!

This one is coloured with promarkers and add a little shading to the hat and shorts which I paper pieced. Super fun image, love the shoes..Don't you? I ended up adding a couple stamps to the outskirts of the image, as I ended up with a couple specks of black ink that I wanted to cover. How it got there is beyond me..ha ha  Again another simple card design. You can find this colouring/paper piecing tutorial here:

Many thanks for dropping by and make sure you have a look at all kennykstamps to find a fabulous image for yourself to create with. As well you can check out their digital stamps at kennykdownloads for many other awesome images. Take care all and see you all again soon.

Monday, March 9, 2015

A little Dragon Fun!!

Dragon Fun!!
Hey all, I'm sharing with you today a little dragon fun from Tiddly Ink Stamps.
I just had to get this image when they had a sale, so darn cute.
Let's have a look

As usual I coloured this one with my promarkers. I'm not too happy with how the hair turned out this time but it is what it is..ha ha. I will have a colouring tutorial up on my youtube channel by the end of the week if you would like to take a peek. I had fun colouring this one. For this card design I added a little bling, die cuts and of course a fairy button from 36 shades of flair. A little washi tape and glittered up her outfit with wink of stella. Hard to see with my pictures but it's there.
Thanks so much for dropping by. I will be entering a challenge
Kit and Clowder Facebook Page fantasy..super fun

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Little Miss Muffet Birthday Celebration!!

Birthday Celebration for Little Miss Muffet Stamps
Hey everyone, I'm glad you dropped by, I have the most adorable image to show you. I stumbled across this one on facebook. And was lucky enough to participate in their birthday celebration and got it free to colour up. I really will have to save some pennies as I would love the set of these. I could colour them so many different colours that I wouldn't get tired of creating with this one. Mixing and matching the different pieces of the train would be so much fun too.
Make sure you check out their STORE so you can see what I mean...can I say LOVEEE!!
Let's have a look shall we?

I coloured this one with my promarkers and my copics. Added glitter to all the dots, balloons and stripes on the number 4. It's hard to tell but it's there. I did print out the image just a tad big so you don't see my patterned paper very well behind the image but I added a few die cuts and a birthday sentiment and there you have it..super fun. I have to say again. I just love this image and would love a chance to colour a few more with the pieces you can purchase from their shop..
Thanks again for coming and will see you all again soon.
I will be entering their birthday challenge here, come and join me!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

My most Favourite Coloured image YET!!

My Favorite!!!
I think this is one colored image I'm most proud of. If it wasn't for Alyce from Kit and Clowder on Facebook I would never have tried this. To get the shine from the glitter on her pant legs and hands was a little daunting but I tried it anyway and just loved how she turned out.
I used another image from Saturated Canary. A super sweet fairy
I'm not sure if she is still in the shop but you should go have a look anyway
there are so many cute images..i have soooo many..ha ha
Lets have a look..

I colored this one with promarkers and the pinks were copics. I just had to show you all. I added some trendy twine and placed this in a frame for a gift. I will have to try this in my next video..i wished I had filmed it for you all, but I didn't really think it would turn out ok. Next time.
Thanks for dropping by and will see you all soon.