Tuesday, January 1, 2019

First EVER full background!!

First EVER full background...YIKES!!

Ok, ok, I've procrastinated for so many years i never thought i would ever do a full background on a image. I'm always afraid of destroying my work if i ever messed up. You know what it's like to spend an hour or more coloring up an image and then to color around the image so it looks good is another thing all together. Sooo i took the plunge and did it. WHEW...thank goodness that is done...lol

A Krista Smith image that i received on her new selling platform Patreon. So if any of you are missing her artwork you can always be a member. I of course love her work and just signed up last month. I was having Krista withdrawals:o)

 You can be a member for a little as 5.00 a month which is what i joined in as. I wish i could have purchased higher as i love her work but alas i have to be reasonable or my hubby might disown me.

Here is the before...

Now After, as you can see i can try and blend a bit better next time around but not super 
unhappy with my first try. I did add a bit of glitter pen to the yellow stars as well as 
white gel pen to mimic snow falling. 

So give it a try...worst case scenario you can fussy cut your image if you truly don't 
like how it turned out. 

So what do you all think, do you like the before or after?

Thanks a bunch for dropping by and have a fabulous crafty day!!