Wednesday, September 9, 2015

A Very Fairy Door, Digital Stamps!!

A Very Fairy Door!!

EXCLUSIVE stamps only available on our Kickstarter Campaign!!

Well that about says it all..we have 8 super sweet, adorable, cute, fabulous fairy images that come right from our book that you are able to pre-order through Kickstarter.
What is kickstarter you ask??? This is a group funding site that helps the little guy (that's us) fund their projects. No money changes hands unless we reach our goal. Yes it's a hefty goal but to get the book in print, manufacture the door and package it all, it will cost a substantial amount and would take us years to get it to the customer if we didn't go through kickstarter. No charges to your credit card unless we meet the goal by Oct 3, 2015. I just know with the support we have received so far we will get there. We have many reward levels and any one of them that you may be able to purchase would be amazing..It all adds up and you can keep up to date on all the news, the process and what's coming ahead through kickstarter. We will keep you all informed seeing as you are the ones that will make this happen for us. If we can pull it off it will be such a wonderful thing that will bring smiles to many childrens faces..That's what it's all about....

Let's take a look at one of the digital stamps/ coloring pages that i have colored.
 I have made thank you cards as a special shout out to all those who have supported us already and those who have shared our project though their networks..It's great to see people believing in our project. It's been a 2 yr process to get it to this point and to see confirmation that others like it as much as us means the world..

 Again these are only available on Kickstarter for 25.00 Canadian..that is a deal and if you live anywhere else your getting an even better deal as our Canadian dollar is crapola..The illustrator Krista Smith will not be selling them EVER in her if you fancy these cuties get them now.. Campaign ends in three weeks.
If you visit our FB page we have weekly giveaways for youth t-shirts which features all these characters. We also will have updates and all the top news that's been happening in A Very Fairy Door adventure. Thanks so much for dropping by and i hope you like this sweet fairy...

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