Saturday, March 5, 2011

NEW Project...

Hey everyone, thought i would post my new project. I got commissioned to do a full team of personalized key tags. Had fun and i thought i would add a couple fun scrapping saying. Not all of these are done but these are the sayings i came up with. What do you think, I'm by far a cry away from having any skill in creating images but i managed to do the scrapping ones myself. For the most part I'm happy. The jerseys were definitely not my work:)

I just might give a few away....hint hint

Enjoy the weekend....take care


Minta's Creations said...

How did you do these..these would make excellent gifts for birthdays or Christmas?

Anonymous said...

Those are fantastic!!! Please share how you made them!!


Kimberly said...

Hey there, thanks for the interest in my new project. I will be posting these on etsy so at this time i'm sorry to say i won't be sharing....Thanks so much for the lovely comments and i hope you still visit. kim

coops said...

these are brilliant kim.a great gift idea :D

xx coops xx

Wendy said...

Love them!

Spyder said...

These are great, once you start you could make hundreds! I have a little something from my blog to yours
you'll find it here


Unknown said...

Love them, how did you make them? They look awesome, thanks for sharing.
Melissa D

Unknown said...

These are super cute :)