Saturday, April 14, 2012

New Facebook (canada,usa)

Hey gang...just a small post to invite my fellow Canadians and United States crafters to join a new group to buy or sell handmade items, slightly used products, or new items for's the link:!/groups/286117064797271/

I've listed a few items to get us started. Hope you think this is helpful to get the best bang for your hard earned dollars... International shoppers are more than welcome to purchase but unfortunately shipping costs from different counties are a killer for us so you won't be able to post your items for sale......i mean no disrespect and i love all my fellow international blogging friends so please don't hold this against me:0)

Happy shopping all...


KanataNewf said...

What a great idea! I'll be sure to join and share to my FB crafty friends.

Tracy said...

This is a neat idea.
I noticed some prices in US dollars. Wish they were in Canadian $ though

Ram IBC said...

Hello ,

Here is a new USA Facebook Group

we will discuss here about USA products , services etc