Sunday, May 13, 2012

Promarker tutorial part 1 of 4

Colouring tutorial part 1

Here it is first tutorial...please let me know what you think and you can find all the info you need on my youtube page under the description. This is in a 4 part series as i can only upload short videos on youtube..please subscribe so you don't miss my new tutorials.

I'm open to all suggestions to make these videos better in the future so please leave comments.


Alvina said...

Hi Kimberly, thanks for the tutorial, I love it, your coloring is awesome, sometimes I don't have any idea which colors to use for the perfect skin!!!

Jovan said...

AWESOME video....I LOVE promarkers! Thanks so much!

shamraiz said...

Out side light is always better, this is one amazing creation! The more I look the more I see!! I love it!
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Unknown said...

Thank you for your video. I am new at colouring with my promakers and I found this one very helpful. Can't wait for the next in the series.

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Laura Bradley said...

Thanks Kimberly, great tutorial!! Your finish looks perfect! Can't wait for the next one! And going to have to get me some of those images, they are so cute! Laura x

Shazza said...

looking great Kim, can't wait for the next instalment x

Joanne said...

I would really like to get started using any kind of markers but so far anything I have tried looks funny. Guess I have to keep working on it.
Loved the tutorial.