Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Working on improving my Page....ahhhhhhh

Man this is hard...i still am having troubles adding i brain dead or what?????
Maybe you shouldn't answer that:)

Well, Well, Well. adding my signature worked somewhat in a around about way....sigh...


Cre8tive Chaos said...

can you please email or message me as to how you did that, I can't get mine to work, thanks! not to worry your blog is coming together fine!

Unknown said...

Designing blog stuff is a pain in the bootay! I think that's why so many people pay someone to do a blog design for them. I'm way too cheap though - so I suffer through it myself. I have a lot of things I want to fix and change.

Graphicat said...

Making blog changes can make your head spin eh??! Been there! :o)
Thanks for your sweet comments on my Blog at Graphicat Creations. To answer your question, I use Neenah Super Smooth have to search for it abit but it's out there, not to be confused with neenah Smooth (altho that's not bad either). 7 kids sells it, and Im hoping to sell it soon off my upcoming website.