Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I Did it!! Winnings and great deals.

P.S. if your sound cuts out restart the video, it seemed to work for me....glitch...huh

Hey Gang, glad you dropped by. Check out my winnings and my new items i purchased for great deals... My very first video so please please keep that in mind, no tripod either...I'll have to fix that for's a little hard to do things with one hand. What do you think of my personalized stamps, awesome right??? OK seriously how many times did i say awesome...let me know i may send a little surprise to a lucky winner. Here is the link for the fantastic personalized stamps they are fast and when i called, because i just had to get it just right, she was super, helped me right while i was on the phone. We were able to nail down the design right then and there.. I'm in Canada so shipping usually takes forever, but i had it in my greedy hands within two weeks.

Would anyone be interested in the dollar stamps as blogcandy???? Just a thought. Also i have to say a HUGE thank you to Beth from she had a great tutorial yesterday go visit and say hi....

Pardon my craft room mess, but i just couldn't wait to show you all what i got.....


Unknown said...

Hi Kimberly,
I think you still have problems with the video. I couldn't get the sound to work:(

Unknown said...

It's working for me now too! Thanks for stopping by my blog to let me know. What awesome deals you got! Have fun stamping!

My Scrap Diary said...

Hi Kimberly.
Thanks for the kinds words. I would love it but I know we both want the spot. So good luck to both of us :)
And Wowza!!! Amazing deals!!! And it does not matter that they are older stamps. They are good quality and like you said, you dont have them. And heck yeah! they would make awesome candy! Not everyone needs to know they are coming from the dollar store. :)
Hope everything went well with your hubby.
Jess :)
oh yes, huge Congrats on winning that amazing candy bag. Wow!! Beth really spoiled you. Feeling a little jealous over here, lol

THERESA said...

Hope hubby is ok!!
WOW, that is one super stunning candy bag, still drooling this
Beth was so generous. Have to be amazed at all your pro-markers, wow, nice of you to get it for your b/day, belated Happy.......hehehe
You said 'awesome' 11 times ........just shows you were so excited, right!!!
Have a lovely day and lotsa luv

Feebsy said...

It looks like you got some great bargains at the dollar store. It makes wonder if the pound stores over here might have similar things, I might have to check a local one out.

The candy was amazing, I loved how excited you sounded as you opened it ^.^. I have to admit that my craft area is far messier than yours, I just use my kitchen table and things are strewn all over the place. I constantly lose things and walking into paper storage boxes whilst I'm cooking isn't much fun either hahaha. Oh well, maybe one day I'll have a craft room!

I hope your husband has recovered from his operation.

Take care


June Houck said...

Congrats on your first video; color me impressed! I was just Skype-ing with a friend about this very topic yesterday…I have never tried to do a video. Kudos to you!

I hope your husband's ear surgery went well. Congrats to you on your dollar store haul; fun stuff. Your card is super cute :)

coops said...

oh my word kim.your candy win is absolutely fantastic.i`m off to check out beths blog :D
gotta say i love your accent :D
have fun using your new goodies and your dollar stamps are amazing !!

xx coops xx

Jessica Buffa said...

*Awesome* Beth. How exciting to get such a wonderful personal stamp made, plus the goodies from Beth wowzers! I tried to count all your "awesome"s but I got a bit sidetracked by all your "pretty cool"s and "just beautiful"s....he he he. The video was great. And you have 3 Sarah K's. Great deals on the stamps. That would be a fabulous blog candy! I wish our dollar stores didn't quit selling stuff like that.
Happy Crafting
strgazrblueyes22477 at yahoo dot com

Andria said...

I've just seen the link to your blog on Nic's blog (Coops) so had to come and visit. WOW, how lucky are you to receive those fab goodies, I;m sure you will enjoy them over ad over again.

Ulina / Apricot Bubbles said...

I just enjoyed your video and became your 300th follower! That´s a much nicer number than 299 :-)
Greetings from Austria,

Jessica Buffa said...

Thanks for the follow. I thought your video was great and it was nice that you shared your excitement with your followers! Kudos!

Tara said...

This was an 'awesome' first video! I tried to count but I kept forgetting. I am thinking 10ish. Thanks so much for sharing!

Spyder said...

ohoo fab stamps for a dollar...shame the air fare is about £1600! Love the vid though, I'll only ever vidoed Hubby cooking!