Wednesday, June 15, 2011



I've never had to do something so hard in all my life:0)

Who would have thunk there was sooooo much super talent out there in blogland

I'm so overwhelmed with the response and can't wait to get started

if i can only decide between many. It hurts me to pick only a few

I truly wish i could have you all, if only i would win the lottery....


From the bottom of my heart

It means the world to me!!!!

I'll be contacting all who were chosen by tomorrow to make sure your

still available...i just have to PICK!

AND SOME BAD NEWS.....Canada Post is on couldn't have come

at a worst time. I'll just have to wait to get started....

Take care all, and please stop in again.


Tara said...

Haha I laughed my a** off when I saw this picture! That's a keeper :)

Alison Jane Hann said...

I LOVE your photo! OMG it's cute!

Marlene said...

Ha ha ha!! Love the crazy pic!!!

Chelle said...

Great photo...we all feel like that some times.

Kari said...

Bless your heart!!! I feel like that everyday. :o)

Heather said...

Love the pic. Hope it became clearer to you as time went on today.

Michele said...

What a perfect mental visual!! :-)

Tammy Schmitt said...

Don't worry. Just pick me and you'll be done:-)

Bummer about the postal service:-(


Jessica Buffa said...

Great picture....thanks for making me laugh! I am sure all of those who have applied will understand what the final decisions are....when one door closes another door opens. There will be other opportunities to be DT members, but I can understand why you got an overwhelming set of requests....YOU ARE FABULOUS!
Best of Luck hun!

Dee said...

Love the pic. I'm glad I'm not in your shoes. You are so right about all the great talent out there. Good luck.

Cor* said...

StOOPID strike! Then lockout! Then they are being FORCED back to work by early next week (they say)....I hear ya. I've got parcels to go out! If only the internet accepted packages!!! LOL

PS- real cute pic!

Tracy said...

Love the pic, teehee.
I do not envy you, trying to choose, so much talent out there.
I wanted to sign up but with summer, I just wasn't sure if I could keep up.
I am hosting a window envelope swap, and now the are stuck in transit, grrrrrrr.

Unknown said...

ha ha you are so funny in that photo :) good luck xx

Unknown said...

Great pic! I don't envy you in the least!

Anniebee said...

Hahaha, Kim! You're so funny! I don't envy you having to go through the process of selecting a DT but I know that whoever you select will be honored. Good luck! I'm looking forward to seeing who makes the team. Oh! Since the Canadian postal service is not operating right now, do you want me to hold off mailing your package? Just let me know what you think. Thanks!