Sunday, July 31, 2011

Party Invites!

Hey all...Welcome! Well i've decided to make a few packages of party invites to sell at my upcoming craft sale. I have no clue what paper products will sell. If any of you have some ideas that you have seen or do that might point me in the right direction i would be greatly appreciative. I will be bringing cards of course, as i have so many my hubby has put his foot down that i have to start selling before i can purchase anymore.....buh humbug...what a party pooper. Do any of you feel attached to your cards and hate to see them go????? Am i nuts, a little crazy in the head maybe...or do i have a few loose screws? I want to keep them, well most of them anyway, i love how they turn out and i feel SAD when they go.....:( So i must do what i must do...thankfully i have pictures of them all.. I was thinking of selling them for 3.50 each, is that too much? I see on etsy that is a average price. Anyway enough of that, this image is not colored by me, but a colored image from Lily of the Valley...super cute. I'll be doing others with the rest of the collection. The collection of 6 images was only 1.00, what a steal. Not sure if i should add Time as i would put the date and time under when...

Well I've been long winded enough so have a great day all...and thanks for dropping by.


Unknown said...

Very cute :)

abusybee - DoubleClick Connections said...

Super cute!


coops said...

aw this is gorgeous kim.i love the sweet little image and fab pretty colours :D
i sell my cards for £1,50 but i don`t sell many so every now and again i make a large box up and donate to charity.
good luck with the sale :D

xx coops xx

Tara said...

Oh my mouth fell open while reading this! First Brian has just told me that I HAVE to start selling because close to four photo boxes of cards is apparently too many...who knew. Now, here is the really crazy part the reason I have so many...I hate to give them away lol. You are sooooo not the only one. Have you ever read the children's book "The wonderful Pigs of Jillian Jiggs". This book explains it all lol. I'm her when it comes to my cards. Okay now about your invite...I love it! I would have never known that was a pre-coloured image! I am going to check them out right now because she is stinkin' cute and your invite is awesome! I want to go to that party already :)

Joanne said...

Your card is so cute and I think that $3.50 a card is a good deal. You pay more for the mass produced one and they are no where near as nice!
Hope you can sell them all so you can start all over again with a new collection :-)

Stacie (craft-princess) said...

So adorable....yes I am the same that I hate to see some of my projects go at times so your not the only one!