Sunday, September 25, 2016

WHAT have i been UP too??

What have i been up too?

Well i finally made my way back to blog land. It has been forever hasn't it?
As you all know I've been up to my ears in A Very Fairy Door.

I'm almost back into the swing of things..i hope anyway. We have been
busy promoting our Book/Door at every opportunity and have a few
shows that are coming up fast at a few bigger cities as well as locally
to show off our super cute product. Wish us good luck. 

On to other things...I have still been coloring and have made quite a few 
commission cards in between the madness. I thought i would drop by
and post a few images of the cards I've made recently. 

Many thanks for having a look and i hope to see you all again much
sooner than last time..haha

First up a Make it Crafty image:
A mom to be..

Next up, a Krista Smith image. It's a sad thing that
Krista has closed her shop but thank goodness 
for her subscription offers...check it out HERE

A Kenny K image for our paperboy who went off to school, with a
little something inside...
sniff sniff, he was the best paper boy we ever had..

I found this coloring page online for a new baby.
My customers requested a rhino..apparently it's a family thing..ha 

Another Krista Smith image. 
This one was made to a co-worker who decided to go back
to school to further her education. 

I have done quite a few more but i didn't even take the time to take pictures..
One day i'll get myself together again..ha ha

Many thanks for dropping by and having a look. All these were colored with 
Promarkers and Copics. 

Have a great day!!! Hope to see you all again soon!!

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Gorgeous card's Kimberly
Dianne xx