Friday, October 7, 2016

WOW, Has it been a Year?

WOW, has it been a YEAR?

Just one year ago you helped us to achieve our dreams! For my daughter it was writing a book. It's funny, she always thought her first book would be a horror novel. Talk about a complete change of direction. Writing about the very fairy friends has been so much fun and inspiring for her and she  can't wait to continue to write stories about these super cute characters and all the interesting and magical ways that they help little one's along the way. We've learned and experienced so much over this past year it's incredible. There were some minor setbacks and unavoidable delays during the manufacturing process and the time it took from project start to finish took longer than anticipated, but the end result was so worthwhile. We hope you all agree!
By the end of August we fulfilled ALL 279 backer rewards. We've heard amazing feedback thus far about all the great ways fairy doors are being used across the world. Thank you so much for sharing your pictures and stories with us. The most heartwarming of course are all the smiley children that are loving their very own fairy door. Please do continue to let us know what you like, what we could change or do better and most of all please share your stories. We love to hear from you and all the good that comes from these tiny doors.
These are our favourites so far....
Best decorated (from our Illustrator Krista Smiths daughter, creative gal) Best decorated (from our Illustrator Krista Smiths daughter, creative gal)
Most Creative- your daughters are too cute Julia! Most Creative- your daughters are too cute Julia!
Most Clever ( this little one found some fairies behind her door) Most Clever ( this little one found some fairies behind her door)
My personal favourite (my daughter opening her very fairy package:) My personal favourite (my granddaughter opening her Very Fairy package:)
What's next... The Bala Cranberry Festival
This International Festival is just over a week away and we are super excited for a fun packed weekend of entertainment, food and shopping. We have a few fun things in store. Carlie (Author) will be BOOK SIGNING from 9-noon each day, and I have been busy colouring and framing our sweet little fairies for the festival. Because each fairy is coloured by hand, there's a limited quantity available. Don't miss your chance to get one. We will be in the curling club building as far as we know. As well you can purchase your book/door at our booth and we will sign it. We accept debit, and credit cards
If you would like to see the RED FAIRY being coloured here is the link to my Youtube channel.
Warning!!! This video may put you to sleep..but it gives you an idea of the process and just how long each one takes to color.
The Christmas holidays are fast approaching and it's the perfect time to gift A Very Fairy Door to your children, grandchildren, nieces, neighbors or maybe even to donate to a local charity.
Festival details: Oct 14-16th Location: 3066 Muskoka Road 169, Bala
What better way to spend a beautiful Fall weekend then in the Muskoka's (with us:)
Thanks again friends. Wishing you and the ones you love a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!


MagsB said...

Congratulations! I can't believe it's a year already!

Also - woo hoo! Another of your fabulous videos! I'm off to watch it right now - you are so inspiring, Kimberly!

love Mags B x

Kraftychick said...

So glad to have you back on the blog - I've missed all the videos too. BUT, congratulations on all the success with A Very Fairy Door - I know you and your family have worked very hard to make this a successful venture! Continued good fortune on the project!