Sunday, February 27, 2011

Rrrruff day!!!

Hey Gang! Just a card i made for a girl at work, she had a rufffff day last Friday and since i had this image, and she has the same type dog i made it for her hoping to give her a smile.
The flowers look a little pale here but they do match better...Thanks for stopping by.


Wendy said...

That was so nice of you to send your co-worker a card. I am sure she loved it!
Kim you asked about Etsy and I will be honest I think you are aboslutely right about everyone selling their cards. As of yet I have not sold 1:( but I just opened it and don't have much posted. I guess it depends on what the individual is looking for. I have sold some of my cards to co-workers otherwise I keep them on hand and have them when I need to give one away. I do more scrapbooking then card making. You have beautiful cards and you may want to see if a local scrapbook store in the Bay is willing to display them for you as means of selling them or you can always participate in a local craft show. Just some ideas but I would be more than willing to buy one of your cards!

Tisha said...

This is adorable! I nominated you for an award. Please visit my blog to collect it!


coops said...

gorgeous card kimberly.the image is adorable ;D

xx coops xx